IT support company based in Newton Abbot

We were approached by ZOOC and asked to build their brand from the ground up. We designed their logo and website, sourced their uniform, provided professional photography, designed marketing materials and stationary and provided guidance on social media.


ZOOC is a brand new brand, built by experienced partners. We created a cohesive colour pallet and logo for use across all mediums.

Social Media

Invi setup their social media pages, consistent with their newly created brand, ready for the owners to start filling with lots of rich content.

Web Design

Built from scratch, ZOOC asked us to create a website that would help them to stand out from the competition.


Whilst stock photography has it's place, it was important for ZOOC to have professional images of the team to provide transparency and inspire confidence in the brand.



Brand style sheets are an excellent way to ensure consistency across platforms, whether you're allowing others to use your logo, or providing information for freelancers. A style sheet ensures that your brand is represented exactly as it should be.

The team at ZOOC, weren't too worried about having an in depth style guide, so we created this handy cheat sheet that they can easily disseminate when required.


We found both primary and secondary fonts that complimented not only each other, but the logo too. .

alternative logos

We created a range of alternative logos, allowing the brand to look great across a greater range of backgrounds.

Website Key Features

Cost Calculator

The client required a cost calculator to allow their customers to easily establish an estimate of what their services are likely to cost. This is an exceptionally powerful tool that will help ZOOC to pre-qualify clients, whist also allowing for quick and easy estimating when visiting prospective businesses. 

Web Designer Newton Abbot

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics help to establish a brand’s identity in the way that stock imagery can’t and thus, we created custom graphics for use throughout their site and social media, serving as visual representations of the products and services on offer. 

Pricing Tables

We included a pricing table to complement their cost calculator, providing further information for service agreements. Displaying prices on their website will help them to attract their target market. 

Programmes Used


Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor


Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program


Adobe Lightroom is an image organisation and image manipulation software


Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing and page layout designing software application